We re-ignite songs with artful and intelligent live video.

This is our concept video.  We think more like it deserve to exist to be used at your church and with your band.  

If you agree, follow us, spread the word, and watch for our kickstarter campaign.




What We're Up To

We’re planning to create two dozen videos like this one.  clicktrack:video™ is "live video", or at least it looks that way because our videos have a “click track" which your band can use to stay in time. 


How you Can Help

If you would like to use this concept video live with your band, please email us (clicktrackvideo at gmail) and we’ll send you a link!  All we ask in return is some (landscape) smartphone video of you using it, which we will then feature in our Kickstarter video.  Deal?



Our Kickstarter Video

...is coming soon!  

Until then, follow us: on Twitter and Tumblrfriend us on Facebook, upvote on our Subredditand share our concept video with the people you know.